Wednesday, May 18, 2005

spring's goodbye sighs..

Absolutely Kosher Records Mix:

Pinback - B
Sparrow - The Early Years
Get Him Eat Him - Not Not Nervous
The Court and the Spark - Suffolk Down Upon the Night and Fireworks
Frog Eyes - The Oscillator's Hum
Okay - Compass
Bottom of the Hudson - Motorcaid
The Jim Yoshi Pile-Up - Reckless Driving
Jukeboxer - Missing Link and Even Little Stunts
Summer at Shatter Creek- Thief
Swords Project- The New Assassin
Xiu Xiu- Jennifer Lopez
The Wrens- Everyone Chooses Sides
Two Guys - Fantasies
Optiganally Yours - Nonpartisan
Rob Crow - Some Things

PinbackSparrowGet Him Eat HimThe Court and the SparkFrog EyesOkayBottom of the HudsonThe Jim Yoshi Pile-UpJukeboxerSummer at Shatter CreekSwords ProjectXiu XiuThe WrensTwo GuysOptiganally YoursRob Crow


Blogger ninjagirl4593 said...

I really liked the Rob Crow song. It was really a weird sense.

8:54 AM

Blogger Meat O' Benito said...

I just saw the Wrens flyer for a show in Athens, OH. Are they signed or local? Guess I'll have to go check them out now. . .

12:53 PM


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