Tuesday, May 17, 2005

summer never grows old..

Arturo en el Barco

Arturo en el Barco is Angélica Negrón, a composer living in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Angélica creates graceful, enchanting acoustic-electro that reminds of one's innocent times.. Every note flowing from her piano is tinged with childhood; eager curiousity and playful naive charm surrounds and is Angélica's spirit.
Angélica is also a member of the dreamy electro/acoustic group Balún. Her talent is apparent and I am quite sure you will be hearing her music on major film soundtracks in the near future.

Download the EP "Music for Students" in it's entirety:
Artwork: here
Beth Dorris
Candy Tucker
Kyle Parker
Raymond Dotson

MP3s from "Self-Titled" CD:
Gabriela llega la ciudad (gabriela arrives to the city)
Mi Cama (My Bed)
Descuidos (Negligences)

Official Website:

Buy Her CD:


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