Sunday, April 17, 2005

she... said cancel everything..

The National

Listening to The National, the first name that comes to mind is Cash, Berninger's heartbreaking-ly deep voice hits me just as hard. "Melancholy" doesn't even begin to describe the music of the National, this is music to hole up in a room for days and get drunk by yourself with.
Everyone keeps comparing them to Interpol, Joy Division and the like... Don't listen, The National is their own band, they write deeply emotional, dark music that hits you not because "it sounds just like..." but because, unlike the majority, this stuff is real.

Wasp Nest
The Slipping Husband
Murder Me Rachel

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For the three years that they existed, Despistado was known as the next big Canadian band. Their live show was legendary, and their debut cd was feverishly anticipated by their fans. Then, right before the release, they disbanded.
The end.


These guys are really catchy, its lucky for us they chose to release their cd, post-breakup. One can only hope they work out whatever issues caused the breakup and get back to touring! Fans of Alternative Dance-Punk(Hot Hot Heat, Futureheads, The Deadly Snakes..etc) will dig this.

Burning House
A Starstick's Prediction

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Saint Etienne

Saint Etienne have been revolutionizing the U.K. Indie-Dance scene for over 10 years. Mixing Acid-house vibes with Indie-rock attitude these dance floor rockers are still taking over! The bass line in"Lose That Girl" makes me [want to] dance in the streets.. For anyone over the age of 25 planning on listening, please, don't hurt anything.

Lose That Girl

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