Friday, May 06, 2005

the ghosts of autumn murders walk me home

Carissa's Wierd

Somewhere inbetween pushing "play" and having my heart ripped out beautifully I discovered something: Carissa's Wierd makes the most beautifully simple music I have heard all year. Like many of you loyal readers, I like my indie soft, sad, and bursting at the seams with instrumental interludes; CW passes that test with flying colors, and as a perk, manages to be original and "interesting."(read: not boring after one listen.)
Another thing that's keeping them on repeat is the fact that they use all the elements of instrumental post-rock that I have come to be obsessed with, "notes thick with emotion, instrumental storytelling..etc." but does so without seeming pretentious in the least. Every note played is an aural stream of consciousness.
**EDIT** Fixed the broken link issues, you should be able to download the mp3s now

Farewell To All Those Rotten Teeth
September Come Take This Heart Away
September Come Take This Heart Away (Live)


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Having been on a sad'n'soft music binge of late, I was more then pleased when I stumbled across this excellent track by Bristol's own, Gravenhurst. I believe this was released before they signed to Warp, if so I can see why they signed. The haunting beauty this song possesses is almost overwhelming as it seems to radiate even during the small silences and pauses. The only song I can compare this too in the "musical emotion" area is the cover of "Mad World" by Gary Jules..

The Diver


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Blogger Life in the Lab said...


9:02 AM

Blogger ninjagirl4593 said...

Hey i listened to one of those songs----- Farewell to all those rotten teeth---And I LOVED it! Where can I get their cd?

12:50 PM

Blogger Life in the Lab said...

ha.. I just listened to Carissas Wierd.. Love the way it makes (me) wanna dance...

8:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey.. life in the lab here.. but.. IF you get any wierd posts its not me!! Some girl got my password and went I guess my blog is out of order until further notice. SO sorry in advance/ have a nice day!

9:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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