Wednesday, May 25, 2005

stick THAT in your hipster handbook..

Crime in Choir

The frantically mathmatical neu-prog of Crime in Choir sounds like the soundtrack to some long-lost Japanese Anime featuring giant pink, purple and yellow robots duking it out, with plenty of interludes filled with seizure-inducing strobe-lighting..
The very prolific members are all involved in more then one sideproject each and the current lineup features founding members of such acts as At the Drive-In, Hella, and The Hades Kick

Hot Slant
The Hoop

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

a stroll with my friend, childhood memories..

Boards of Canada

Throughout my life, I've experimented with many genres of music. I've stretched myself and reinvented myself many times.. But I keep returning to the wistfully ambient IDM made an art by Boards of Canada. The music of BoC has much more depth then just notes and beats. There is a frantic quietness, a hidden childish curiousity, an adult longing for naiveté, a nostalgic wonder, all pulsing in the background. There is also an undercurrent of raw, primitive spirituality, not religious spirituality, spirituality in the purest sense, the untainted state of awe and nothingness..
Many people theorize about "subliminal messages" hidden in the works of BoC; this is because both members have expressed an interest in said subject and also because their music is fraught with mostly unintelligible samples from movies, radio, television, and real life.

XYZ (Peel Session)
Neotropic Do You Know How to Waltz Vert
Birthday Tape
North Sea Arbeit
Orange Hexagon Sun
Orange Romeda

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

serenely unsettling

Jeff Hanson

Everything I had ever read about Jeff Hanson before hearing him mentioned the fact that he has a freakishly high voice, this caused me to expect a whiney, nasally shriek of a voice.. It couldn't have been farther from reality, Jeff's voice is silky smooth and soothing when applied liberally.. As for how high it is, he does sound like a teenage girl, but a teenage girl who can sing.
His influences, (Simon & Garfunkle, Jeff Buckley, Elliot Smith.. etc), are clear, but he's no copycat, his perplexingly beautiful voice captures your attention and won't let go.

Hiding Behind the Moon
Just Like Me
This Time It Will
Now We Know (Exclusive Alternate Version)

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

spring's goodbye sighs..

Absolutely Kosher Records Mix:

Pinback - B
Sparrow - The Early Years
Get Him Eat Him - Not Not Nervous
The Court and the Spark - Suffolk Down Upon the Night and Fireworks
Frog Eyes - The Oscillator's Hum
Okay - Compass
Bottom of the Hudson - Motorcaid
The Jim Yoshi Pile-Up - Reckless Driving
Jukeboxer - Missing Link and Even Little Stunts
Summer at Shatter Creek- Thief
Swords Project- The New Assassin
Xiu Xiu- Jennifer Lopez
The Wrens- Everyone Chooses Sides
Two Guys - Fantasies
Optiganally Yours - Nonpartisan
Rob Crow - Some Things

PinbackSparrowGet Him Eat HimThe Court and the SparkFrog EyesOkayBottom of the HudsonThe Jim Yoshi Pile-UpJukeboxerSummer at Shatter CreekSwords ProjectXiu XiuThe WrensTwo GuysOptiganally YoursRob Crow

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

summer never grows old..

Arturo en el Barco

Arturo en el Barco is Angélica Negrón, a composer living in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Angélica creates graceful, enchanting acoustic-electro that reminds of one's innocent times.. Every note flowing from her piano is tinged with childhood; eager curiousity and playful naive charm surrounds and is Angélica's spirit.
Angélica is also a member of the dreamy electro/acoustic group Balún. Her talent is apparent and I am quite sure you will be hearing her music on major film soundtracks in the near future.

Download the EP "Music for Students" in it's entirety:
Artwork: here
Beth Dorris
Candy Tucker
Kyle Parker
Raymond Dotson

MP3s from "Self-Titled" CD:
Gabriela llega la ciudad (gabriela arrives to the city)
Mi Cama (My Bed)
Descuidos (Negligences)

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Friday, May 06, 2005

the ghosts of autumn murders walk me home

Carissa's Wierd

Somewhere inbetween pushing "play" and having my heart ripped out beautifully I discovered something: Carissa's Wierd makes the most beautifully simple music I have heard all year. Like many of you loyal readers, I like my indie soft, sad, and bursting at the seams with instrumental interludes; CW passes that test with flying colors, and as a perk, manages to be original and "interesting."(read: not boring after one listen.)
Another thing that's keeping them on repeat is the fact that they use all the elements of instrumental post-rock that I have come to be obsessed with, "notes thick with emotion, instrumental storytelling..etc." but does so without seeming pretentious in the least. Every note played is an aural stream of consciousness.
**EDIT** Fixed the broken link issues, you should be able to download the mp3s now

Farewell To All Those Rotten Teeth
September Come Take This Heart Away
September Come Take This Heart Away (Live)


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Having been on a sad'n'soft music binge of late, I was more then pleased when I stumbled across this excellent track by Bristol's own, Gravenhurst. I believe this was released before they signed to Warp, if so I can see why they signed. The haunting beauty this song possesses is almost overwhelming as it seems to radiate even during the small silences and pauses. The only song I can compare this too in the "musical emotion" area is the cover of "Mad World" by Gary Jules..

The Diver


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